The talented (and VERY patient) people at Figmints Delicious Design have gone above and beyond to get my site up and moving.  When I called my good buddy James Kwon in Providence, RI to help me set up a site he did what best friends do and dove right in.  The process has been a learning one for me… and i’ll list some things out because i love lists…

1. Figmints has taught me a ton on how to start the conversation with a client.  James, Harris, and the crew working with me overwhelmed me with their professionalism.  Instead of dictating opinion to me they sent me questions after questions to get to know me and what I envisioned for “Woodwork at 17th.”  One telling reply from Harris was after I once said, “Whatever you think Harris, you know best…”  He quickly and kindly replied, “Actually Austin, YOU know best.”

2. They reminded me how important the little things are with amazing design, over communicating, and timely feedback.  There wasn’t a plain looking questionnaire sent my way… not a haphazard meeting… not a single response that took more than a few hours.  I hope I learn to do the same with my clients.

3. Figmints does what they say they will do.  I don’t think this needs explanation, but its rare that a company or business is described this way.  And I sure hope people say the same about Woodwork at 17th.

Enjoy the site!!