Austin Evers founded “woodwork at 17th” to make furniture, objects, and spaces to bring people together. A piece of furniture doesn’t have to be solely functional, it can be beautiful, it can create conversation, comfort, relationships. This is the hope of “Woodwork at 17th.”

Austin’s interest in woodworking began in Guam. His best friend on this small island was a cabinet maker and experienced carpenter who would trade austin beer for lifting heavy beams or cabinets. This relationship worked well for both parties.

He was given the opportunity to cut his woodworking chops in home construction with Habitat for Humanity in Austin, TX. He taught volunteers how to build houses for a few years while working with some of the best people in the world. While learning and teaching to frame, roof, and trim houses, he found himself gravitating toward fine carpentry.

In 2011, He slowly began trading his framing hammer and speed square for a hand plane and chisels, and now focuses his attention on fine woodworking.

About Austin

Austin Evers Reclaimed Wood Craftsman  Austin grew up in rural east texas, the son of a ranch foreman and a teacher. The only thing he was interested in growing up was throwing and hitting a baseball, but was afforded the opportunity to work at the ranch in between baseball games.

After college, Austin moved around a lot… A few places in new england and a few places in guam were home for a bit while he worked with multiple college campuses. His move to Austin came in 2010.

Austin met his beautiful wife Lilibeth while living in Guam. He convinced her to marry him in 2011 and still enjoys telling her she’s gorgeous. Austin and Lili have a 7 month old son named Asher… Austin has lovingly upgraded him from a tropical storm to a category 1 hurricane. Asher is also known as “Asher-bear”, “Asher-basher”, “man cub”, “poops-peterson”, and “the kid.” He does not yet use power tools for obvious reasons.